AsiaPay Taps PayMe by HSBC to Expand Payment Options for Hong Kong Merchants

AsiaPay, a digital payment solutions in the Asia Pacific, has announced the partnership with PayMe by HSBC in Hong Kong to help local merchants provide more flexible payment options in a single device and enhance the purchase experience for consumers.

PayMe is a mobile payment service from HSBC, currently available only for Hong Kong users with local phone numbers and banks. Users can pay businesses, transfer money to one another using a mobile app, linked to their credit card or bank account.

The partnership will enable merchants to offer PayMe to their customers when they check out online and offline.

It also allows merchants to connect with more than 3 million PayMe users through AsiaPay’s payment gateway—PayDollar.

Merchants can also access real-time PayMe transaction reports digitally via the AsiaPay PayDollar Merchant Portal and process instant refunds with a few buttons.

Brad Jones

Brad Jones

“We will not be complacent about our user base of 3 million. Our goal is to be the mobile wallet for all in Hong Kong. As we continue to expand the PayMe tribe, we are also building a critical mass of merchants to meet the diverse consumption needs of our users.


AsiaPay is a premier digital payment service provider in the region. The partnership will support PayMe’s mission to promote electronic payment in Hong Kong as part of its long-term quest to be a leading smart city in the region,”

said Brad Jones, Head of PayMe, HSBC.

Joseph Chan

Joseph Chan

“PayDollar is a secure online shopping payment platform that is carefully built by AsiaPay and has more than 23 years of high-quality market reputation, and its security and trading volume are in the leading position in the industry, furthermore, this partnership is indeed a key milestone as we continue to offer additional payment acceptance to our merchants.”

said Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay.

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