AsiaPresswire Reveals 6 Tips for Optimized Media Selection in Press Release Distribution

Hong Kong – AsiaPresswire, the leading press release distribution provider, has revealed inside guidance on how to refine media outreach for maximum visibility impact.

“We empower brands to influence reputation and capture high value earned media real estate through precision publication targeting once exclusive to megafirms only,” said Arron Wong, AsiaPresswire Chief Strategy Officer.

He explains their methodology delivers extensive thought leadership platforming across tier-one finance and industry trade media using the following targeting optimization strategies:

1. Filter by Circulation Influence

Prioritize outlets based on readership size, seniority mix and industry authority to guarantee messaging exposure among key decision makers.

2. Favor Editorial Alignment 

Identify publishers already covering related company categories, competitors and narratives to leverage existing audience engagement.

3. Specify by Locality Relevance

Pinpoint journals localized to company headquarters, product regions and growth objective geographies for contextual resonance. 

4. Align Across Seniority Bands  

Mix major national presses with regional tier 2-3 titles to capture recognition across title levels and locality.

5. Multi-Layer Strategically

Secure bylines at agendum setters read by c-suite then cascade exposure downstream to trade and vertical publications. 

6. Stay Nimble & Test 

Continually assess performance indicators to double down on publications demonstrating engagement and adding media mix diversity.

Wong explains that their integrated distribution and optimization approach enables brands to finally compete with dominant giants on influence through earned media. 

“Our customers shortcut 50% of time-to-market otherwise spent figuring out press targeting. Client examples consistently highlight 300-500% more website visitors and lead registrations from our methodology,” he added.

One case study client accelerated experts recognition 6X faster than the industry average by combining national agenda setting finance bylines with layered vertical trade media resonance across the Americas, EMEA and APAC over 12 months. 

Their CMO notes “We could never organically build AsiaPresswire’s distribution capabilities and editor relationships facilitating multi-region, multi-layer press placement influence customized to our growth objectives.”

She continues, “Their integrated press release writing and strategic targeted publication solutions enable us to achieve in months through earned media what previously demanded years of trial and error.” 

Industry analysts forecast brands that systematically incorporate press release distribution into go-to-market strategy will capture disproportionate visibility and mindshare through an owned media channel unburdened by ad filters and paywalls.

“We empower companies worldwide by equipping them with an unfair media influence advantage through data-driven press targeting expertise that delivers consistent, tier-one exposure unreplicable otherwise,” concludes Wong.

He invites executives to learn more about precision publication targeting solutions purpose-built to accelerate influence, leads and growth at

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