Linkedin Influencer Rachel Mitchell Joins Plato’s Board

NEW YORK, N.Y., Mar 6, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – The JV was setup to drive both awareness and user adoption of Plato’s Ai Powered Content Syndication Network. The global partnership leverages over 30 years of technical and marketing excellence across today’s most innovative market sectors.

Key Highlights:
– Rachel Mitchell ( EP of Innovation Series is the First LinkedIn Influencer with Almost 1M followers joins Plato’s Board to help drive Commercial Web3 Adoption.
– Joint Venture Announced to Disrupt PR & Content Syndication across the innovation superhighway via Amplifi Subsidiary.
– Plato’s ( Ai Engine uses its internal syndication to electronically connect with thousands of media outlets while Amplifi is used to distribute and syndicate content and press releases.

Rachell Mitchell worked mostly behind-the -scenes prior to her becoming a content creator on LinkedIn. Rachel is one of the original producers of Built in America, Innovation Nation, Sustainable Nation, and The Longevity Series. She became a top Executive Producer (EP) for History, Innovation, Sustainability, Health, Wellness, Longevity and Sports documentaries. She has produced as a “ghost producer” for most of her projects with Elevate Media Productions ( The Elevate team has worked with top media agencies and marketing firms for their clients’ sponsorship needs. Elevate also works with independent film producers and third-party production crews from around the world.

“I like to give credit and opportunities to all the wonderful people that I get to work with,” said Rachel Mitchell CEO of Elevate. “Telling people’s stories inspired me to share mine on LinkedIn. In 2020 I had to cancel the filming of The Longevity Series because of the pandemic. Since we were all at home, I began to post guidance that helped me achieve success during challenging times. People from around the world began to contact me and tell me the challenges that they were facing online.”

“Giving people the capability to be seen in over 2000+ online publications, in over 32 languages is a gift. The goal was to give people, products, and services the online reach that only ‘Influencers’ or viral content receive on social media platforms,” Rachel Mitchell stated.

Rachel Mitchell is a LinkedIn Influencer, Executive Producer, and businesswoman who has risen to popularity during the pandemic. People have noticed that Rachel Mitchell has over 968,000 followers on LinkedIn and 1M followers across multiple platforms.

“With the rise of AI, innovation, and the frequent changes to algorithms, I noticed how some social media platforms were favoring personal content over business content. Some of the most innovative start-up companies and brilliant new personal brands were still leaning on traditional press releases and PR to get their business announced to the public. The cost of press releases was high, and the ROI was not in people’s best interest. As I grew my organic following on LinkedIn, I noticed that other business owners were having a hard time finding an audience of potential customers. Many business owners and executives shared that they wasted time and money on social media management that did not lead to the level of exposure that they need. Therefore, I became excited to share what Amplifi can do,” Mitchell added.

Amplifi distributes press releases to various editorial offices and journalists which will guarantee coverage worldwide. Plato uses its internal syndication to electronically connect with thousands of media outlets. The services provided are tailored to the type of news you’re distributing. Using Amplifi can help target specialty media in a unique way. A good service will increase the chances of getting your message seen by the public.

Plato is an open intelligence repository and platform that unlocks the power of Vertical Search in a highly scalable and secure web3 interface. The platform is designed to provide an ultra-safe and secure environment to consumer sector-specific real-time data intelligence. This interface is used to provide transparency of information to people who are creating content and receiving content online. The company just surpassed its 10M Organic Visitor and continues to scale its Ai Powered Vertical Intelligence Engine across 27 Market Verticals and 32 Languages.

Bryan Feinberg, CEO of Plato, and Co-founder of Amplifi, commented, “We are honored to partner with best-of-class web3 ecosystems, and reputable media outlets from around the world. Our Partnership represents a scalable way for us leverage each companies’ respective networks.”

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