Here are 5 Home-Grown Fintechs Featured at the Asian Financial Forum 2023

Hong Kong has established itself as a leading hub for startups in recent years, with a thriving ecosystem that encourages innovation, agility and diversity.

According to InvestHK’s Startup Survey 2022, Hong Kong is the home to over 3,900 startups with the fintech sector retaining the most dominant spot.

The Asian Financial Forum, which concluded in January 2023, had housed over 120 local and international financial institutions, tech companies and startups under key exhibition zones – Fintech Showcase, InnoVenture Salon and FintechHK Start-up Salon to showcase various cutting-edge solutions and innovations.

Here are five home-grown fintech startups which exhibited at the forum:


Founded in 2018, Asklora of LORA Technologies combines machine learning and quantitative fintech analysis to provide investors a low-cost, professional and reliable investment advisory platform with automated bot trading technology, revolutionising their stock trading experience.

Altive Limited

Altive is a one-stop alternative investment platform which leverages on AI and technology to source, screen, manage and unlock institutional-quality alternative investment opportunities for professional investors globally. Established and based in Hong Kong since 2019, Altive has expanded the business to Australia and Singapore.

Blockchain Solutions

Founded in 2017, Blockchain Solutions specialises in designing and developing various complexity of blockchain solutions, including private and public blockchain networks, smart contracts, and blockchain-based platforms. The company aspires to assist the business community embrace the development of Web3 and metaverse.

Hong Kong Digital Asset Ex Limited (HKbitEX)

Founded in 2019, HKbitEX is a subsidiary of Tykhe Capital Group to provide a compliant and regulated digital asset spot trading and over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform. HKbitEX is one of the first organisations in Asia-Pacific to apply for a “virtual asset trading platform license” from SFC of Hong Kong. The license application remains under regulatory approval.

The Payment Cards Group Limited (Yedpay)

Launched in 2017, Yedpay is Hong Kong’s first non-bank credit card acquiring service provider that offers a secured platform for e-commerce payments. Its open payment platform assists merchants with an APP to process credit card transactions and e-wallet payments in physical stores and online. Yedpay announced that it would partner with Venture Cap, the subsidiary of ASL Securities located in Thailand, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Easylink to shape the future of fintech in ASEAN, at a signing ceremony held at the 16th AFF.

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