VanBit, an Essential and Perfect Tool Tailored for Blockchain Users that Disrupts the Crypto World

Bitcoin, which came after the financial crisis of 2008, was officially created on January 3, 2009. The cryptocurrency, neither controlled by  central banks nor any financial institution, has gone from valueless in its early days to a maximum of $68,000 per unit in just over a decade. And now the cryptocurrency industry has evolved into a global phenomenon.

Today cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple have become the targets of global investors to seek profits,and the crypto market has experienced significant growth. According to the latest statistics, the number of investors in the blockchain industry is close to 300 million, and 17% of Americans have invested in digital currencies,creating a huge demand for trading and data analysis in this asset class.

Over 20% of blockchain investors have the habit of using auxiliary tools to judge market trends and trades,and this number is still rapidly increasing.However,despite the availability of various trading platforms and information service platforms on the market, there is actually no one-stop essential and perfect platform tailored specifically for blockchain users currently.

The establishment of VanBit

Against this background, VanBit was established. Founded in 2022, VanBit is an essential and perfect tool tailored for blockchain users. It was incubated by, a US-based investment website for Chinese worldwide.VanBit integrates the blockchain information service platform with AI trading,equipped with WEB 3.0 interactive functions and AI technology, making it an all-in-one platform suitable for entry-level retail investors, experienced investors, institutions, and KOLs seeking comprehensive trading and blockchain information services.

The launch of VanBit also directly addresses the pain points in the current cryptocurrency market.

-In terms of trading tools, users have long faced problems such as similar strategies,high drawdown,the inability to adapt to different market conditions, and inconsistent quality of copy trading participants etc.

-In terms of data analysis, existing tools on the market also have many problems for general users, such as messy and limited data,data analysis and interpretation are too professional and obscure to understand,low timeliness,and high fees…

VanBit deeply understands users’ needs and addresses the above pain points by:

In terms of trading tools, VanBit integrates Wall Street’s latest AIgo technology with a large amount of blockchain data and indicators to develop the automated trading feature VanGO through AI learning,which has delivered triple-digit returns in each of the past three years.

VanBit’s copy-trading system is designed to be closest to users, gathering global analysts’and KOLs’trading data while providing the clearest data dashboard. Users can easily see the profits,trading frequency,and trading habits of all traders, providing the most transparent and intuitive copy-trading experience.

To enhance overall security, VanBit’s trading tools also utilize NDbroker of OKX,a world-renowned exchange.

VanBit’s blockchain information services will provide the most comprehensive,fastest,and most accurate data analysis and trading information, covering on-chain data such as fund coverage,giant whale activities, smart money,and exclusive data analysis,with the advantages of massive data, data value, data customization,timeliness and low charges.

In addition, VanBit’s WEB3.0 interactive features allow users to directly communicate and interact with analysts, whether it’s for data analysis, copy trading,and more.This enables all investors to share information and market trends, creating a truly decentralized platform for information exchange.

This also aligns with the operating habits of Gen Z investors who have grown up in the era of mobile internet and become the preferred choice for young investors.

VanBit’s establishment and its management team

VanBit is a blockchain technology company incubated by, the largest Chinese financial service platform in North America with over 300,000 registered users. has 24 years of experience in serving various financial market participants providing the fastest, most comprehensive,and accurate investment information for both novice and veteran investors in financial information services and education,helping them to advance and increase the success rate of their investment decisions.In serving the primary and secondary markets, also provides transfer listing services for small and medium-sized companies,as well as investor relations services for market value management.So far, has served over 100 listed companies, spanning various fields on NASDAQ and OTC. is a financial service company in North America that understands the urgent needs of investors and understands the movement of the capital market. With its rich experience in the capital market, maintains a unique advantage in launching VanBit, which is “most knowledgeable about cryptocurrency investors”.

Brant Deng,CEO of Union Fortune Capital and Deng holds a master’s degree in Financial Accounting from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. He has 10 years of experience in primary and secondary market investment on Wall Street. Had provided market capitalization management for hundreds of NASDAQ small and mid-cap companies. He is also investment advisor to many public companies. Deng has 6 years of investing experience in primary and secondary digital currency market.

Drake Liu,Co-founder of Champion Elect, CEO of Beijiayun Technology, joined Chaineer in 2018 as the head of China, responsible for mining and technology investment business, and participated the first block-chain partners summit with Binance as an organizer. In 2020, he launched the Beijiayun Computing SAAS system.

Phyrex Ni Advisor,Well-known crypto analyst on Twitter, invited analyst for many famous media and institutions, has 15 years of research experience in the field of Internet, Crypto currency, Blockchain industry. On-chain data has conducted in-depth research.Focusing on the incubation and investment of blockchain projects.

Ember Advisor,a venture capitalist specializing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency assets.She has six years of project analysis experience and seven years of project management and operation experience. Previously, Ember worked for Huobi and Crypto Funds and created the first investment quantification analysis model in the blockchain industry. Since 2016, she has designed multiple fund models for various token funds and invested in multiple projects with returns up to 40 times.

Jackson, Chief Strategy Analyst, He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in actuarial science and specializes in big data statistics, analysis, and quantitative model research. He has been working in Wall Street public funds and hedge funds for many years and found that the digital currency market is at a very early stage and there is a lot of room for arbitrages in the case of insufficient liquidity.

Raphael,Product Manager,Entered the blockchain industry in 2017, deeply involved in the industry’s integration with internet applications and products, familiar with various product structures, development, and economic models. Actively advising and participating in multiple well-known blockchain projects, committed to promoting and popularizing blockchain technology. Serves as a blockchain basic education instructor, community founder, and product manager.0
Ken,VanBit’s Chief Marketing Officer,is a senior cryptocurrency trading analyst and KOL with many years of experience in blockchain trading and team management.With over 5 years of experience in incubating cryptocurrency markets, he is skilled in market trend analysis,technical analysis,and risk management.Additionally,he has 7 years of team management and business experience,and is adept at leading and coordinating team members to operate more effectively.He has expertise in market competition and sales,providing advice and insights for business management and development.

Leo, the Asia-Pacific market director of VanBit, previously served as a senior marketing director at an education group in Beijing, where he was responsible for company operations and team management.In 2020,he transitioned to the cryptocurrency industry and participated in the market promotion of two large exchanges. He is skilled at analyzing products and applying his skills to promote them, bringing his management and marketing experience to this emerging industry.

VanBit,with its powerful features that target pain points in the market and its experienced professional management team, may become a new disruptive leader in the cryptocurrency industry.